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We’re Natalie and Jason Jones, and we recently purchased our very first home!


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Although it was obviously well worth it, buying our home was oftentimes frustrating, and we were surprisingly clueless about much of the process! Applying for a mortgage, pulling together the funds for a down payment (and figuring out if we needed to make a down payment), finding a home within our budget… It was way more work than we expected!

Now that we’ve been here for a few months, we’ve decided to try to help others learn from our experiences, and that’s how Homeownerbliss! was born! We’re passionate about making the process of buying a home less scary for first-timers, as well as inspiring homeowners of all stages enjoy the perks of homeownership!

If you’d like information on homeownership, DIY projects, or ideas on how to make a house a home, please drop us a line!